• About Fantasy Arena 2016.07.19

    Fantasy Arena

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  • PvP SRPG Fantasy Arena to Soft-launch and Reveal Trailer 2016.07.16

    Emerging game developer and publisher Teamtop today soft-launches its latest global real-time PvP SRPG game Fantasy Arena on iOS and Android in United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

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  • Real-time PvP SRPG Fantasy Arena Pre-registration Event 2016.07.11

    What is the single player campaign? The single player campaign pitches you against 50 Goblin villages, each more difficult than the previous one. This campaign is available to all players right from the start of the game. In the village vie

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  • Strategies for Collecting Cards 2016.07.11

    Collecting new cards and upgrading existing cards are key components of the gameplay in the Fantasy Arena. The better quality and higher rank your cards are, the higher chance you have of defeating your opponent! The most common way to obtain cards is

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  • The Introduction of Heroes 2016.07.07

    Phillips, named as Z swordman, was born in We st Blue . Atseventh years old, hegot amysterious map fromhisgrandfather, and was inspired to become an adventure.An optimist by nature,adventurous,and sometimes less mind crazy but at the crucia

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