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About Teamtop

Founded in 2010, Guangdong Xinghui Teamtop Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd (Teamtop) is a global mobile and browser game developer and publisher based in Guangzhou, China. Currently, Teamtop owns 5 in-house browser game development studios and 5 mobile game studios crafting immersive games of various styles. The in-house domestic and North America-Europe publishing team along with global publishing partners work together to deliver wonderful gaming experiences worldwide.


By being acquired, Teamtop launched in the A-stock (SZ: 300043) market in 2013 as part of Rastar Group, the interactive entertainment flagship, with responsibilities for Toys, Football, Games, and Investment, creating a diverse and integrated interactive entertainment ecosystem.



Introduction of Teamtop (PDF): https://goo.gl/XPVR3F 

Contact Us : Fantasyarena@teamtopgame.com