The Introduction of Heroes

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Z swordman

Phillips, named as “Z swordsman”, was born in West Blue. At seven years old, he received a mysterious map from his grandfather, and was inspired to become an adventurer. Phillips is an optimist by nature. Adventurous, but sometimes impulsive, he exhibits superhuman calm and wit at the crucial moment.




Little fairy

Adopted and raised by a strange and mysterious old woman, she lost her mind and became obsessed with plants. She saved hundreds of lives through her development of immunity to certain poisonous herbs. Her powers have grown more advanced over the years and she is able to control plants.




Wolfblood Warrior

Wolfblood Warrior is a strong, unpolished individual with a gruff exterior that conceals his soft and sensitive nature. When he or his family is threatened, the transgressor quickly realizes their mistake. With his body hair standing on end and large frame at full height, Wolfblood Wrrior will never back down from a fight. 



Shield Guardian

Born in a family of martial arts, he aspires to be a Kung Fu master. Over the years, he trained under an old master's strict instruction, developing into a powerful fighter and forming a stern personality. Eventually, he becomes a member of the team.